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Born 2002

Drew Deng 


Hello! My name is Drew Deng, otherwise known as DANG!  As a Miami-based, multi-disciplinary artist, I create with acrylics, air-dry clay, and photo-emulsive screen printing among other mediums. My artwork views life through a new perspective (figuratively and literally) through key features, such as colorful palettes and forced perspectives. By illustrating diverse and representational characters, any audience can easily connect with the emotions and people in my work. I aim for viewers to imagine what it would be like to exist within the worlds I create, which emphasize the pleasures of daily life. My artwork often invokes nostalgia by reminding the audience of people, places, and moments from their personal memories which brings new meaning and emotions to each person.
My practice is largely inspired by the lessons and memories built by the community around me. This would be the underground creative scene of South Florida. Regularly interacting and collaborating with people across disciplines brings new insights and approach to any work. Therefore, I co-founded Casa Crea Miami with three other community members to provide our local creatives with the space and facilities to refine their craft in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our events prioritize safety and mutual aid as they are community-funded to serve a mainly queer and POC demographic. We host these spaces twice a month at different locations throughout Miami-Dade. To find more information on our next event please visit @casacrea.mia on Instagram.

Born in San Diego, California, I moved to Sasebo, Japan at the age of 4. In 2010, I returned to California for less than a year before settling in Miami, Florida since then. Art has been my passion since childhood. However, it was only at the end of 2018 that my style shifted from realism to illustration.



  • "Perennial" Solo Show at Diafano - Miami FL - UPCOMING JUNE


  • Love Lost, Miami at Greenspace - Miami FL
  • Soup Night a creative collaboration at Tropotrope - Miami FL
  • Allapattah Community Fridge Mural for Buddy System Mia, Miami FL
  • Artist as Catalyst  by The Peace Studio - Miami FL
  • Satellite by imnotArt at NFTLA - Los Angeles CA
  • Light & Shade by Las Lagunas Art Gallery - Laguna Beach CA 
  • For the TL  by Zoratopia at  SXSW - Austin TX


  • FTX NFT Gallery  by Wynwood Studios - Miami FL

Casa Crea


Bi-weekly artist meetups across South Florida that prioritize safety and community.​

  • Tropotrope Events Residency. Spring 2023.
  • HistoryMiami Museum - Discussion Panel on Mental Health. Feb 2023.
  • Liquid Death Sponsorship. Jan 2023.
  • Awesome Foundation Grantee. June 2022.



  • Interview with PantherNow


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