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DANG! Drew It understands the importance of protecting the planet and our communities for the benefit of all. With the production of any item there is a factor of waste. To offset our impact, DANG! Drew It intends to consistently take measures to operate in an ethical manner by reducing waste, extending the life cycle of clothes, and using sustainable methods of production.

In August of 2019, I began selling my up-cycled designs under the name "DANG! Tees". From the start I have dedicated myself to creating positive change through art. Thus, all clothing is screen printed by hand and 15% of all profits are donated to organizations that address environmental and social change. Some of these organizations include:
  • Be The Change South Florida
  • The Rose Foundation
  • The Coral Gardeners
  • Amazon Watch
I most actively participate in assisting Be The Change through local food drives for South Florida's under-resourced communities.​ As a South Florida resident I feel the need to help my community as much as I can in any way possible. As a result, I have also organized events for artists to gather and create art together in a safe environment. These events are largely donation-based and include community supplies for guests to borrow and participate regardless of their situation. If you are interested in visiting these events please check out my Instagram for more information and updates.
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